Maytrx and Pyzique are part of a collection of the best Hardscape systems available. Each stone system is a unique blend of texture, size and color that will fit any requirement. These systems are available from distributors of Cambridge Pavers on the East Coast. Explore the unique character of each system,  they all share the same colors and Textures.

MaytRx wall shown with 6” and 3” stones mixed in the wall featuring the Stone-Like

Renaissance Texture



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Olde English  Stone with Cambridge Paver

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(click Here)NEWS:

Cambridge Has arranged for drawings of all there Wall Products be available in Shetchup the free 3D drawing program.

Cambridge Column Kits are the first group available for download.

We have added new illustrations done in Sketchup for different projects and How-To questions.

Corner /Small Column

Cambridge Corner/Small Column Stone makes Premium Fence Post work a dream.          Click on the link below:

New Fence Post Columns

Simple Video that shows the steps in building a 4’ high Column using the Cambridge Column Kit and optional Cap and Hat (finished Top). Look for other videos from Cambridge pavers on YouTube.

Click on the You Tube Links Below:
Build a Vyking Wall : VideoNEW
CAMBRIDGE WALL SYSTEMS featuring Olde English-Maytrx-Pyzique-Column Kits-Curb and Edge Stone and our NEW VYKING WALL SYSTEM, see our NEW STRETCHER WALL SYSTEM, all in colors and textures to match our paver line
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